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Student's work

Offered topics of bachelor and diploma theses

If you are interested, do not hesitate to visit us in the A210c or A207 laboratory.

Preparation of thin layers of sesquioxides (R2O3) with doped laser-active elements of rare earths
The so-called sesquioxides – such as Y2O3 or Lu2O3 – have high heat and radiation resistance. After doping with optically active ions, they represent a promising set of materials for scintillation use. These materials will be prepared as thin films on monocrystalline substrates.

Preparation of thin films of LuGAGG (Lu3–xGdxAl5–yGayO12) garnet with cerium doping and co-doping with various elements from the group of rare earths or transition metals
The so-called multi-component garnets can be successfully prepared with sol-gel methods for testing new compositions. In this work, we will focus on the unpublished co-doping with optically active ions.

 Thin layers of hexagonal aluminates to detect high energy radiation
Preparation and study of doping of hexagonal aluminates for optical applications (applied research)

 Passivating glass layers for applications in the semiconductor industry
Experimental verification of the passivation properties of glass precursors on semiconductor silicon components. Application of glass material is one of the important technological steps in the production of silicon semiconductors.
In cooperation with ABB Semiconductors

 ZnO doped nanoparticles doped with transition metals
Zinc oxide is a significant semiconductor of the AIIBVI semiconductor family. By doping with transition metals, so-called magnetic semiconductors, which have an application potential in spintronics, can be prepared.

 Use of transition metal doped BaTiO3 powder to improve magnetic resonance imaging
BaTiO3, an important ferroelectric, can be used in ever-improving imaging methods in medicine. The aim of the thesis is to test doping of this oxide for improvement of ferroelectric parameters in interaction with a high frequency magnetic field.

 Sol-gel preparation of transition metal oxides as pinning centers in YBaCuO superconductors
For the practical use of superconductors, the stability of their state is important in the presence of an external magnetic field. This parameter can be influenced by the presence of nanoparticles, such as transition metal oxides, to be prepared for this work.

Ongoing Student Work

  • Nanoparticles of ZnO doped with transition metals, Lukáš Blažek (bachelor thesis)
  • Preparation of transparent ceramics doped with optically active ions, Bc. Jan Havlíček, 5th year
  • Preparation of active planar optical waveguides by sol-gel methods, Dana Mikolášová (PhD student)
  • Sesquioxides doped lanthanides for use in scintillation technology, Tomáš Thoř (PhD student)


Defended students' works

Doctoral theses

  • Optically active ytterbium garnets for waveguide applications, 2016, Tomáš Hlásek (supervisor: Kateřina Rubešová, Ph.D.)
  • Study of properties of superconducting materials, 2012, Vilém Bartůněk (supervisor: assoc. prof. Olga Smrčková, CSc.)
  • Properties of Bi(Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Superconductors with Anionic Substitutions, 2010, Vít Jakeš (supervisor: assoc. prof. Dagmar Sýkorová, CSc.)


Diploma theses

  • Hexagonal aluminates doped for detection of high-energy sources, 2018, Bc. Václav Doležal (supervisor: Ladislav Nádherný, Ph.D.)
  • Preparation of thin layers Er: YbAG by spin-coating method, 2016, Bc. Vojtěch Polák (supervisor: Vít Jakeš, Ph.D.)
  • Preparation of BaTiO3 ferroelectric for use in MRI diagnostics, 2014, Bc. Petra Bačová (supervisor: Kateřina Rubešová, Ph.D.)
  • Determination of oxygen content in mixed oxides of cobalt, 2013, Bc. Nikola Bašinová (supervisor: Vít Jakeš, Ph.D.)
  • Influence of preparation conditions on microstructure and optical properties of thin films LiNbO3, 2014, Bc. Dana Mikolášová (supervisor: Kateřina Rubešová, Ph.D.)
  • Preparation of LiNbO3 by sol-gel method for PLD targets, 2012, Bc. Jakub Erben (supervisor: Vít Jakeš, Ph.D.)
  • Cobalt oxide thermoelectricity prepared from sol-gel precursors, 2011, Bc. Tomáš Hlásek (supervisor: Kateřina Rubešová, Ph.D.)
  • Thin layers of LiNbO3 prepared by sol-gel methods in non-aqueous environment, 2011, Bc. Martina Chvalová (supervisor: Kateřina Rubešová, Ph.D.)


Bachelor theses

  • Optimization of the spin-coating method for deposition of oxide layers in optical quality, 2018, Tomáš Tomaško (supervisor: Ladislav Nádherný, Ph.D.)
  • Effects of oxidation state and concentration of cerium in YAG on radioluminescent properties, 2017, Jan Havlíček (supervisor: Kateřina Rubešová, Ph.D.)
  • Preparation and characterization of ErNbO4 and YbNbO4 thin films, 2013, Vojtěch Polák (supervisor: Vít Jakeš, Ph.D.)
  • Chemistry and energy production (research work), 2011, Dana Mikolášová (supervisor: Dagmar Sýkorová, CSc.)
  • History and Current State of Synthesis of Artificial Diamonds (research work), 2010, Nikola Bašinová (supervisor: Vít Jakeš, Ph.D.)
  • Effect of chelating agents on the stability of Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu gel and subsequent preparation Bi-2223, 2009, Tomáš Hlásek (supervisor: Kateřina Rubešová, Ph.D.)
  • Preparation and analytical determination of Nb(V+) solutions for the subsequent sol-gel preparation of LiNbO3, 2009, Martina Chvalová (supervisor: Kateřina Rubešová, Ph.D.)
  • High-temperature superconductors – processing for practical use (literature research work)
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