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Materials for Photonics

Photonics is concerned with the use of photons to work with or to replace electrons in certain communications, computer, or control applications traditionally carried out by electronics. Photonics has already proved to be one of the key technologies of the information age.

Our profile

In our laboratory, we study fabrication and properties of active and passive planar and channel optical waveguides as basic elements of photonics devices in optical crystals and optical glasses.

Our research is supported by GACR grants and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Head of the group

Assoc. Prof. Pavla Nekvindova, MSc, PhD

Assistant Professors

Jarmila Spirkova-Hradilova, MSc, PhD
Blanka Svecova, MSc, PhD

PhD students

Jakub Cajzl, MSc
Stanislav Stanek, MSc
Sona Vytykacova, MSc


Lenka Turkova


Banu AKhetova
Petr Vařák


Ing. Pavlína Třešňáková, Ph.D. (now: VŠCHT Praha)
Ing. Stanislava Stará, Ph.D. (now: Preciosa)
Ing. Linda Salavcová, Ph.D. (now: Universita Pardubice)
Ing. Hana Malichová (now: VŠCHT Praha)
Ing. Stanislav Staněk
Ing. Jakub Altšmíd, Ph.D. (now: Preciosa)
Jiří Denk († 2016)
Martina Bubeníková


Our students Banu Akhetova, Barbora Chladekova and Petr Varak have successfully passed their Bachelor’s study. Congratulations!

(date: August 2016)

Dr. Pavla Nekvindova has succesfully obtained the title Associate Professor. Congratulations! 

(date: February 2016)

Our student Sona Vytykacova has successfully passed the final exam obtaining thus the title MSc. Congratulations! 

(date: June 2014)

Our student Jakub Cajzl has succesfully passed the final exam obtaining thus the title MSc. Congratulations! 

(date: June 2012)

MSc. Stanislava Stara has succesfully passed the final exam obtaining thus the title PhD. Congratulations! 

(date: February 2012)

Our students Jakub Altsmid and Stanislav Stanek have succesfully passed the final exams obtaining thus the title MSc. Congratulations! 

(date: June 2011)

We have new mode spectroscopy - Metricon Prism Coupler. For more information please go to section "Research"

(date: January 2011)

High level of knowledge of our students and researchers has been proved by obtaining numerous awards:


The best presentation award on the E-MRS Fall Meeting 2014 (Pavla Nekvindová, Jakub Cajzl)

SPIE award for the 3rd best student presentation on Photonics Prague 2014 conference (Jakub Cajzl)

Award of the CRYTUR’s company (Sona Vytykacova)


The Foundation Preciosa award (Stanislav Stanek, Sona Vytykacova)


The Foundation Preciosa award (Stanislav Staněk, Jakub Cajzl)
Awards of the Moser's company (Soňa Vytykáčová)
Awards of the ICT and the Unipetrol company for outstanding disertation thesis (Blanka Švecová)


The Van Derck Fréchette International Young Researcher Award (Stanislava Stará, Blanka Švecová)

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