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Bachelor's Study

Bachelor's Study Programme - Department 101

SIS - Code
Course title
E-learning (*)
S101005 General and Inorganic Chemistry I GIC I
S101006 General and Inorganic Chemistry II GIC II
S101003 Inorganic Chemistry: Laboratory I ICL I
  Inorganic Chemistry: Laboratory II  
S101002 Chemical Calculation ChemCalc

*  Access (use please the same login as for your university mailbox) to the e-learning study materials has been granted automatically to any student of UCT Prague, who has been enrolled to the corresponding course. There is a possibility for others to obtain guest-login access password at mullero[at]vscht.cz (e-mail modified due to spambots).

Bachelor's Thesis

  • Tutorial on delivery and formal rules of bachelor theses together with generator of covers and downloading of templates: UCT Prague intranet web-pages.
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