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Joachim Haemers

Joachim Haemers (originál)

My stay at the UCT Prague and the internship research group of Dr Sofer allowed me to discover the world of research. It was the first time I had to work in a research laboratory, and this experience allowed me to develop a certain autonomy in bibliographic research and proper work in the lab.

Besides that, I could discover many apparatus thanks to the help of the peoples working in the lab.

I was well welcomed by Dr Sofer, who showed great support helping when organising my arrival with the paperwork notably. The welcome from the peoples in the group was great and helped me getting at ease quickly within the group.


Current Ph. D. Thesis:

Mgr. Marie Boháčková (od 1.9. 2016)

  • Graphene Dopping - Syntesis of Materials with Defined Electric Parameters


Defended Dissertations:

Ing. Kateřina Szőkölová (11/2019)

  • Environmental Applications of Carbon-based Nanomaterials

Ing. Daniel Bouša (od 1.9.2014)

  • Graphene Hydrogenation - Graphane, New Material for Microelectronics

Ing. Jan Luxa (10/2018)

  • Transition Metals Dichalcogeneides

Ing. Vlastimil Mazánek (10/2018)

  • Fluorinated Graphene

Ing. Petr Šimek (8/2018)

  • Thin Layers of Magnetically Dopped GaN


Defended Master Thesis:

Bc. Petr Marvan (2018)

  • Preparation of Layerd Gallium and Indium Chalcogenides and Study of Their Senzoric Properties

Bc. Pavel Vosecký (2018)

  • Preparation of Layerd Rhenium Dichalcogenides and Study of Their Electrochemical Properties

Bc. Michal Nováček (2.6.2015)

  • Influence of Reaction Conditions on Graphite Chemical Oxidation - Graphene Oxide Synthesis Optimalization

Bc. Jan Luxa (3.6.2014)

  • Optimalization of Graphene Deposition on Metal Substrates and its Transfer

Bc. Veronika Číková (3.9.2014)

  • Graphene Syntesis and Chemical Modification by Reactions With Diazonium Salts

Bc. Pavla Hošinská (3.9.2014)

  • Synthesis of Quantum Dots based on AIIBVI Semiconductors

Bc. Ondřej Jankovský  (1.6.2011)

  • Influence of Preparation Conditions on Thermoelectric Properties of  Ca3Co4O9+d

Bc. Ladislav Nádherný (1.6.2011)

  • Thin Layers of Magnetic Semiconductors Based on ZnO

Defended Bachelor Thesis:

Michael Korytářová (2017)

  • Graphene Derivates Synthesis and Their Antimicrobial Effect

Pavel Vosecký (28.6.2016)

  •  Layerd Dichalcogenides of Transition Metals for Detection of Biologically Active Substances

Alena Libánská (23.6.2016)

  • Chemically Reduced Graphen For Electrochemical Detection of Organic Nitro and Peroxo Substances

Beáta Štrochová (2.9.2015)

  • Nitrogen Dopped Graphene and Graphene Oxide for Electrochemical Detection of Biologically Active Substances

Radek Brodil (26.8.2013)

  • Chemical Modification of Graphene Oxide - Halogenated Derivates Synthesis

Michal Nováček (24.6.2013)

  • Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Oxide

Jan Luxa (25.6.2012)

  • Preparation and Characterization of Carbon Nanolayers on Metal Substrates
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