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2D Materials Property Studies:


Carbon Based Nanomaterials (Graphene and its Derivatives, Carbon Nanotubes)

  • Chemistry of graphene and its derivatives (e.g. fluorographene, graphan, hydroxographene)
  • Carbon nanostripes and other nanostructures
  • Electrocatalysis and sensors based on graphene and its derivatives
  • Magnetic properties of carbon nanomaterials
  • Study of chemical composition and functionalization influence on electrochemical properties
  • Preparation of composite materials and membranes based on carbon nanostructures


Layered pnictogens (black phosphorus, arsenic, antimony, bismuth)

  • Study of preparation and expholiation processes optimalization
  • Chemical derivatization and doping options
  • Study of expholiated pnictogens application potential


Layered Forms of  Silicon and Germanium - Silicen, Germanene and its Derivatives

  • New synthetic methods of silicen and germanene derivatives preparations 
  • Properties and application potentiel studies of new materials


Layered Chalcogenides

  • Dichalcogenides of transition metals and its chemical modifications
  • Chalcogenides of p-elements (e.g. InSe)
  • Crystal growth study, doping, research on relationships between structure and properties     


Materials Based on Layered MAX carbides

  • Research on chemical and mechanical expholiation methods
  • New carbides systems development,  boron and nitrogen stubstitution possibilities
  • Study of high temperature synthesis processes


Applied research focus on 2D materials 

  • Electrocatalysis (catalysts for oxidation and reduction of hydrogen and oxygen)
  • Electrochemical sensors for biologically active substances and pollutants
  • Electrochemical energy sources (Li and Na iont bateries, supercapacitors)
  • Nanoelectronics and optoelectronics (OLED, transistors, photodetectors) 
  • 2D Utilization for membrane separation
  • Development of new 2D materials expholiation methods
  • CVD and PVD processes studies for 2D materials preparations


2D materials chracterization

  • Morphology: optical and electron microscopy (SEM/TEM), atomic force  microscopy (AFM/STM)
  • Structure: X-ray diffraction (including asymetric Omega-Q scan)
  • Chemical composition and purity: AEM, XPS/UPS/AES, ISS, SIMS, XRF, SEM/EDS, Raman and FT-IR spectroscopy
  • Electrical transport: conductivity type,  mobility,  charge carriers concentration (resistivity, Hall constant)
  • Thermal transport
  • Magnetism
  • Optical properties:  transmittance, photoluminescence, reflectivity (layer thickness), refractive index, wavelength attenuation
  • Theoretical modeling of electron sturucters and phase equilibrium 
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