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Projects and patents

Current Projects

Advanced inorganic nanocomposites for distributed sensors of harmful radiation

Czech Science Foundation (9,056 thou. CZK)
No: GA23-05507S
Realization period: 2023-2025
Participant researcher: Pavla Nekvindová

The project targets on experimental research of preparation and properties of transparent inorganic nanocomposites containing radioluminescent ceramic nanoparticles. We will study the formation, chemical and temperature stability of radioluminescent nanoparticles Ce: YAG and Zn2SiO4 distributed in ternary inorganic glasses with the composition Y2O3-Al2O3-SiO2 and ZnO-Al2O3-SiO2. Nanocomposites will be prepared by conventional melting followed by controlled thermal recrystallization, vacuum sintering of nanoparticles or aerodynamic levitation method. Selected samples will be drawn into optical fibers. We will evaluate the effect of the structure and composition of nanocomposites on radioluminescent properties. The results will expand general knowledge about the formation of radioluminescent ceramic nanoparticles in inorganic nanocomposites and contribute to the clarification of the effect of the structure and composition of the nanocomposites on radioluminescent properties. Nanocomposites can be applied to design scintillation detectors or distributed sensors of harmful radiation.

Gradient refractive index collimators for coupling to optical fibres

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic - TREND (18,685 thou. CZK)
No: FW10010261
Realization period: 2024-2026
Main beneficiary: SQS Fiber Optics
Participant researcher: Pavla Nekvindová

The aim of the project is to research and develop a new technology of production of GRIN fiber optic collimators for binding to optical fibers meeting parameters for selected applications. 



"Optical luminescent sodiumaluminosilicate glass doped with metal oxides for photonics" - Míka M., Staněk S., Nekvindová P., Švecová B., Špirková, J. Lahodný F., Stará S.


"Optical sodiumaluminosilicate glass for photonic components" - Míka M., Špirková J., Lahodný F., Nekvindová P., Staněk S.


"Optical luminescence sodiumaluminosilicate glass doped with ions Cu+ a Cu2+ for photonics" - Míka M., Špirková J., Stará S., Malichová H., Třešňáková P.

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