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X’Pert PRO, Bruker D2 Phaser, and Bruker D8 Discover enabling powder XRD up to 1400°C, reciprocal space mapping, GI SAXS, WAXS, SAXS, rotational capillary, X-ray reflectance for chemical and mineralogical determination.


TG, DSC, DTA and drop calorimetry covering the temperature range ‑150 ‑ 1750°C under controlled atmosphere and vacuum (STA PT High-Pressure TGA-DSC Linseis PT1600, Setaram Multidetector HTC-96 including drop calorimetry, Setaram Themys including highly accurate TGA measurements combined with MS analysis of gaseous products, Netzsch DSC404C Pegasus for accurate heat capacity measurements in dynamical regime).


(Quantum Design) measurements of physical properties at low temperatures (2 – 320 K) and magnetic fields 0-9 T – magnetic moment (VSM module), heat capacity (HC module – relaxation method), thermopower and thermal conductivity (TTO module), resistivity and Hall effect (ETO module).


Thermal conductivity at elevated temperatures (Linseis).


Confocal Raman spectrometer (Renishaw InVia) with DPSS laser (532 nm, 50 mW), ARL 9400 XP (Thermo ARL, central laboratories) sequential WD-XRF spectrometer equipped with an Rh anode end-window X-ray tube type 4GN fitted with 50 μm Be window for XRF, and FT-IR, iS50R FTIR (Thermo Scientific) equipped with diamond ATR crystal, DLaTGS detector and KBr beamsplitter in the range 4000 – 400 cm-1.


A sorption analyzer (BET) NOVAtouch LX2 (Quantachrome Instruments) using nitrogen-cooled (77 K) detector


Zetasizer Nano ZS (Malvern Instruments) and LD Malvern Panalytical Mastersizer 3000 device with 4 mW He-Ne 632.8 nm Red light source and 10 mW LED 470 nm Blue light source  for surface area determination and particle size distribution.


Navitar with optical zoom up to 110X and digital camera Sony 2/3”, with a resolution of 5 Mpix


SEM with a FEG electron source (Tescan Lyra with a dual-beam microscope or Tescan Maia3). EDS  with a 20 mm2 SDD detector (Oxford Instruments) using AZtecEnergy software.


AMF - Ntegra Spectra from NT‑MDT). This AFM is equipped with a cantilever with a strain constant of 1.5 kN·m-1

Confocal microscopy

Confocal microscope Sensofar S neox with 5 Mpx camera, four LED sources: Red (630 nm); green (530 nm); blue (460 nm) and white (575 nm) and Ai focus variation.


 XPS SPECS spectrometer equipped with an XR 50 MF monochromatic X‐ray radiation source (1486.7 eV).


FCT Systeme HP-D 10 ( up to 2400°C, Vacuum: 5 x 10-2 mbar, Ar / N2 working gasses

Superconducting properties

 such as levitation force (test bench based on PT4000-50kg load cell and 24-bit ADC Data Acquisition system with NdFeB magnet, d=15 mm, h=15 mm) and trapped magnetic field based on scanning Hall probe technique where samples are field-cooled at the excitation field about 1.5 T) measurements are evalible


Two calculation clusters (4 nodes - 16 CPU and 3 nodes - 16 CPU) and Altix supercomputer (192 CPU, 1.5 TB shared RAM) with Wien2k, Medea VASP and Phonon software installed are available for ab-initio calculations. FactSage thermochemical program and databases are avalible for thermodynamic modeling.


PicoSun, thermal and plasma-enhanced ALD with the possibility of heating the substrate up to a temperature of 500 ° C


Central laboratories of UCT Prague are also equipped by HR-TEM EFTEM Jeol 2200 FS with SDD detector X-MaxN from Oxford Instruments and AAS Agilent 280FS AA device using a flame-atomization technique with neon-filled hollow-cathode lamp. 

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