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TH02010822      Development of horizontal and vertical levitating conveyor systems

                                TACR EPSILON 2017-2021

GA17-13161S    The role of nonstoichimetry and nanosizing in material properties of metal                                  oxides

                                GAČR 2017-2019

GA17-02815S    Research and development of high-performance composites containing                                 biomass ash

                                GAČR 2017-2019

TJ01000072        Nanoobjects for water decontamination

                                TAČR ZÉTA  2018-2020

TK01030200      Advanced superconducting ceramics for energy applications

                                TACR THÉTA 2018-2024

GA19-00262S    Reactive magnesia cements-based composites with selected admixtures and additives

                                GAČR 2019-2021

FV40201              Research and development of primary materials for the deposition of superconducting thin films                       

                                GAČR 2020-2022

GA20-01866S      High-value composites containing layered materials

                                 GAČR 2020-2022

TJ04000022        Composite ceramics filters used for water treatment of water polluted by pesticides and  heavy metals

                                TACR ZETA 2020-2022

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